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coca-cola masterbrand- ba thesis 2017

The rebranding and redesign of Coca-Cola's 'One Brand' Master Brand Strategy.

The main focus of this project was to create a new design solution and a creative marketing and advertising strategy.

The strategy includes packaging and communication design.

The campaign is called "Happiness is simple"


“Happiness Happens”


4 videos featuring little happiness incidents:

This campaign focuses on the simple and little things in life that bring us joy. The advertisements will include youth and genuine incidents in every day life that become moments of happiness.


The first impressions in the advertisements are that the incident seems to be something bigger that it actually is. The point is to pull focus to the fact that little things in life make a big difference in your day. These advertisements are stories through the eyes of different young individuals.


The tone of communication is funny and authentic.


Protagonist is standing in a night club or bar surrounded by horrible music. Protagonist clings onto their Coca-Cola, dancing awkwardly, when suddenly their favorite song comes on eg. Bohemian Rapsody. He/she starts singing and dancing recklessly while film is shot in slow motion -  capturing this real genuine happiness and the joy of the beverage.


Friends are in a café scratching lottery tickets, expecting to win the jackpot. First it seems that one of them is going to win a big amount of money, resulting in a small amount. The group of friends get genuinely excited about the small win and celebrate it with buying Coca-Colas.


A young backpacker is on a journey around the world and has been travelling for months, and is starting to feel home sick. The protagonist walks onto the beach and she steps on something sharp. She digs out the object and wipes the sand of  it. The object reveals to be a Coca-Cola cork - she looks at is and smiles with nostalgic happiness.


Three girls and four boys from the same school are hanging out near the school park. The group of boys convince one of the boys to go over and talk to his crush. He walks over with two Coca-Colas, and as he is handing it to her, he accidently drops the bottle. To his luck, his reflects are quick enough to catch the bottle just before it hits the ground. He hands it over to the girl and they share a awkward and cute happy moment.


These advertisements are a extended campaign of the TV commercial where, the youthful consumers are featured in simple moments of happiness. The slogans role is to state how simple happiness can be and should be. It is everyday moments alone or together that can make us happy. The advertisements also highlight the importance of making choice or decision of being happy. The tone of the communication is dreamy, happy and authentic.



The focus point of this campaign is to create meaning for every day happiness with Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola will post and share photography on Instagram about genuine moments of happiness.

#todayisagoodday #happinessissimple #cocacolahappiness



The concept behind the packaging is to bring the design back to the core values of Coca-Cola, which are happiness and classical style with a new twist.

The design features bubbles which 
are the representation of happiness and refreshment.

The ribbon is a representation of the light freshment each varient provides. In addition this ribbon unites all four varients together, forming the new Master Brand.

The specific colour of each beverage is seen as a block colour on the packaging, making it easier to recognize each product on the shelf.

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